Trimming your trees has an impact on the appearance, structure, and health of your trees. You'll probably need your trees trimmed regularly as they grow, and you might need the trees trimmed occasionally once they are mature. Here are three ways you might want your trees trimmed and why the trimming methods are needed.

1. Remove Lower Limbs And Branches

Cutting off the lower limbs and branches is known as raising the tree or raising the crown. You might want this done if the lower parts of your trees have lush growth. Limbs that are too low can bother you when walking across your yard and they can block your sight.

With the lower limbs removed, your home can be seen more easily, and the trees seem taller since there are no low branches. Raising a tree isn't harmful to the tree's health. A tree trimming service knows what limbs and branches to move and what ones to leave behind so the tree stays strong and healthy.

2. Thin Out The Canopy

Thinning a tree involves cutting away branches to allow more sun to filter through. When a tree trimming service trims a tree, they don't remove too many branches. Just enough are removed so more sun can reach the ground and the tree trunk. The service may remove dead branches, branches with insect problems, and branches that have crooked growth as this helps improve the appearance of the tree too.

Thinning a tree might help the tree be healthier since the tree will get more sunlight. Plus, you'll have more sunlight in your yard to fight problems with algae on sidewalks and too much shade that makes your property look gloomy.

3. Reduce And Reshape The Crown

A reduction cut is different from thinning the canopy because the goal is to redistribute the crown of a mature tree rather than thin the branches. A crown reduction removes heavy growth on the ends of limbs so the crown has a new shape that is more stable in high winds and when the tree is covered with snow or ice.

The tree trimming service only removes what is necessary since removing too many branches at once stresses a tree. A reduction cut is good for the tree because it rebalances the crown and makes the tree more stable so it can have a longer life.

These three types of tree trimming help your trees grow strong and stay healthy, but you can have other types of tree trimming done as well. You might only need branches cut away from your roof or power lines. A tree trimming service can solve any growth problems you have with your trees and make sure they do so in a way that doesn't harm your trees but makes the trees healthier.

Reach out to a tree trimming service to learn more.