If you live in a climate with four distinct seasons, you may be familiar with spring, summer, and autumn providing lots of color throughout landscapes. However, you may know that most winter landscapes end up quite colorless after the grass yellows and the trees lose all their leaves.

As a homeowner, you may want to invest in changes so that you get to enjoy a lush and colorful landscape throughout wintertime. While you can work on projects yourself, you may be more interested in hiring landscapers due to their ability to help with ideation, planning, and execution.

Evergreen Trees

While looking at your landscape, you may find that you do not have many or any evergreen trees that provide color during the coldest months. If you have enough empty space in the yard, you should make plans to plant evergreen trees that keep their leaves all throughout winter.

When you are working with limited space, you may need to invest in tree removal before you are able to add evergreen trees. While it will take a while for a tree to grow tall enough to make a noticeable difference on your property, you can look forward to great results in the long run. 


Most flowers are not going to bloom during wintertime, especially when you live in an area with freezing temperatures. This means that you should not rely on any flowers to bring color to your landscape during winter in particular. However, you can look forward to getting vibrant color by planting winterberry bushes around the landscape as their red berries will stand out well.

This is especially true if you live in a climate where the snow stays on the ground because the red berries will be so noticeable with pure white snow in the background.


While you should not expect grass to provide much color during wintertime, you can look forward to another groundcover solution in mulch. Although some mulch does not provide much color, you can pick from rubber mulch and landscape rocks that both have a lot of color variety.

Going with red or yellow mulch is an excellent option because they will help existing plants stand out during most of the year and then provide color on their own throughout wintertime.

If you want to make your landscape look colorful for winter months, you should consider some or all these options while getting assistance from landscaping professionals.