Are you torn between wood and vinyl fencing? While wood has a classic look, vinyl has quite a few benefits that can make it the better choice. A side-by-side comparison can help you make the final decision on which material is best for your home.


When it comes to durability, both materials can stand the test of time — if they don't suffer damage. Wood is quite durable and can last for years as long as it is maintained so rot doesn't become an issue. Vinyl doesn't rot, so in the event of little upkeep, it is the more durable choice. Both can suffer outside damage, such as from a car, lawnmower, or hail. With wood, you only need to replace the damaged pickets, while with vinyl the entire panel with damage must be replaced.


Vinyl wins hands down when it comes to maintenance. Wood fences must be resealed or painted every year or two, otherwise, the wood is exposed to moisture and rot can become a problem. With vinyl, the only maintenance is occasionally rinsing the dust off with a hose and that is purely for appearance and won't affect the longevity of the fence.


Fences are often erected to keep others out or to keep children or pets inside. Crossposts are necessary to hold wooden pickets in place as well as to provide support. Unfortunately, these crossposts make it easier to climb a fence, too. There are designs that encase the posts between two layers of pickets, but these are more expensive due to the extra materials, plus they give you more wood to paint and maintain. Vinyl fences look like they have pickets but they are actually constructed in panels, so there is no need for any crossposts.


Appearance can be important. The good news is that vinyl fencing is often made to resemble actual wood. There is even a range of colors to choose from. Vinyl won't fade in the sun or develop water marks from irrigation systems, either. The fences come in several styles, as well, to match your home and neighborhood aesthetic. While wood can also look wonderful, it takes time to maintain a nice looking wood fence. Wood must be kept sealed to look nice or painted if fading and water marks are a problem.

Contact a fencing installation service in your area if you have more questions about vinyl fences.