In order to keep a good relationship with your neighbors, you probably try to downplay any potential conflicts. However, your neighbors can adversely affect your lawn—often unwittingly. Fortunately, you do not need to start a neighborhood war. You can take action without ruffling the neighbor's feathers.


Your neighbors' pets can make their way into your yard in a number of ways, even if their owners are conscientious. The fence between your yards could have a hole, or the pets may be skilled at darting out the door whenever there is an opening. You can do several things to help keep these animals out of your yard. Do your share of the fence maintenance. Check for any gaps and either patch them or peg the fence bottom to the ground. If the fence needs major repair, you will need to discuss them with your neighbors since you may need to share this expense. You should also keep your garbage cans shut away in an enclosure to make your yard less attractive to animals. If the problem continues after you've taken these steps, you need to have a conversation with your neighbor. Try to work with them before you call in the city to enforce its animal ordinances.


You may carefully tend your yard,  but if your neighbors are a little lax, their weeds can easily spread to your turf. To prevent an infestation, you should take note of what weeds are in your neighbor's lawn and where they are located. If these weeds are headed your way, make certain to cover all the open ground in your lawn to prevent seeds that are blown over or dropped by birds from taking root. Experts also urge you to mulch around your trees and in your flower beds to give these weeds nowhere to go. You should also avoid tilling any area of your yard. If you are on good terms with your neighbor, you can discuss the troublesome weeds you see in their lawn and offer advice on how to get rid of them.

Your neighbors can be great people, but they may cause problems for your lawn. Pets and weeds are two things that can invade your yard and destroy your carefully tended grass. Be vigilant and try and prevent infiltration of your lawn. If that doesn't work, be kind but firm with the folks next door. You can protect your yard without making enemies. 

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