Landscaping rock is a useful material. It's relatively easy to add to your landscaping. It's also a permeable surface, making irrigation more sustainable. Landscape rock also functions something like mulch, keeping soil moist and free of weeds. What's more, rock or gravel can be an attractive addition to your landscaping. Utilize all the benefits of landscaping rock in your yard.

Wild Rock Garden

As Better Homes and Gardens points out, using landscaping rock in your yard can have a unifying effect. This is especially true if you use a selection of native rocks as centerpieces for a rock garden of wild flowers. Start with an odd number of rocks in varying sizes. Have the largest placed in the back but off center. Arrange the others so the smaller ones are in the front but so they look natural. From there, it's simply a matter of scattering some wild flower seeds. You could be more targeted in your planting with seedlings, too.

Pea Gravel Path

A meandering garden path is a charming addition to your yard. The goal is to make it as casual and natural-looking as possible but still a viable walkway. First, plan out the path of your walkway. It should feature at least one or two bends to give it that meandering feeling. Create deliberate obstacles in your path or use the bends to overlook pretty parts of your landscaping. Border the path with natural rocks, and have it filled with smooth pea gravel. River-run pea gravel has been rounded by water, so it's easier on the feet.

Dry Creek Bed

Another method for utilizing that meandering shape is with a decorative creek bed. River rocks are the focal point of this installation. Create a deliberate and winding path with these smooth rocks. Border them naturally with larger rocks. Next, add pretty plants. Try to vary the textures and colors of the plants. As with the rock garden, you could also scatter wildflower seeds.

Zen Garden

Natural materials are a centerpiece of Japanese gardening. To create a Zen garden in your yard, start with a beautiful landscaping boulder. Unlike with the wild rock garden, this boulder should be placed in the center. Surround this with raked gravel in a geometric shape as clean lines are another hallmark of Japanese gardening. Opt for small river rock, which you'll rake periodically. From there, add your greenery. Quite often Zen gardens are monochromatic with shades of green. Finally, tuck a water feature into a corner with plantlife around. This pairing gives your garden the connection between the earthly and the spiritual.

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