Growing plants in your backyard is occasionally something that happens over a long period of time. While this is fine if you just want to have a full backyard, it may not provide the collective results you want to see. Growing everything at the same time or at least with the same plan in mind will make it easier to choose ideal locations. Sunlight, shade, and soil conditions are all vital to consider when planting. To enjoy a yard that excels during winter by making your property beautiful, you have to grow the right plants.

Holly Tree

Do not underestimate the impact that a holly tree can have on your backyard. These trees look incredible covered in snow, especially when you are close enough to see the red berries that are on display. If you want to see this particular tree shine when winter comes around, full sun and fertile soil is a necessity. Combining these details with planting the holly tree in a zone that they fit in will lead to great winters.


The addition of red may look amazing, but you may also want to add some more color to your backyard. It is sometimes hard to find plants that are destined to give you color during this cold and rigid season, but you can find a few of them out there that are just waiting to get planted in your yard. Lavender is not to be underrated because it is a plant known for showing off its colors all throughout wintertime. The combination of red and purple from these plants will go great with the white snow.


Flowers are typically desirable because they are so attractive to look at and hold. If you want to make your family, friends, and neighbors jealous, you should get on board with hydrangeas. These plants are not going to let you down in regard to fall colors as they turn red at this time and continue changing. You can expect white blooms throughout winter, which will start to get some color back by the end of the season. With six feet tall being its maximum height, you can enjoy some noise blocking and wind breaks as well.

Going into a landscape project with a plan is the best way to enjoy successful planting. Whether you get professional help from landscape designers or do everything on your own, these plants are a great choice through all of winter.