Being a parent is both rewarding and demanding, but you have a great deal of control. You can prioritize work to maximize your income, or you can place your family as the focus and build strong relationships. It is possible to bond with your child in all sorts of ways, but not many things require a long-term commitment. If you own your home, you have a unique opportunity in planting a tree together. An apple tree is the perfect choice to grow from the seed or partially grown as a way to bond with your kid.

Fast Growing

If you want your kid to see results in a short period of time, you want to avoid slow growth trees. They may look great when they finally reach maturity, but your child may have moved out by that time. Picking an apple tree is an excellent choice because they can grow two feet in a single season, depending on the variety. This can make the process of growing a tree together exciting as you get to see a lot of growth over a short time.


Fruit trees are typically desirable in the first place because they produce food for your family. But, a number of these trees have limited kitchen use once you start to get fruit production. But, an apple tree is not going to give you this kind of problem because apples are so versatile when making food. One of the simplest foods that you can make with your child is apple sauce, and most kids love this treat. It will also give you the main ingredient that you need for apple cider, apple pie, and caramel apples.


Large trees are difficult to transplant because they require a huge vehicle for transportation. Not to mention, deeply ingrown roots are going to cause a lot of ruckus to the landscape. It is also possible for some fruit trees not to survive the relocation due to losing too many roots. So, an apple tree makes the perfect candidate for transplanting to your child's home when they grow up and buy a home. Most of these trees only grow to about 20 feet in height, which is perfectly manageable for this task.

Growing a tree with your kid is something that you both can look forward to for years to come. Picking an apple tree provides you, your child, and the rest of your family with quite a few benefits to enjoy.