If you're looking for some ways to increase the curb appeal of your home, attention to your yard's landscaping can accomplish this goal. A landscaping job can quickly boost the visual appeal of your yard. For larger jobs, such as installing an interlocking walkway or building a retaining wall, it's best to hire a landscaping service. The crew of professionals has the skills and experience to get the job done correctly and safely. If you're facing a smaller job and have decided to roll up your sleeves and tackle it yourself, it's important to keep safety at the forefront of your mind. Here are three safety-first tips to follow.

Keep Your Blades Sharp

Whether you're cutting paver stones with a rented wet saw, trimming overgrown tree branches with a chainsaw or getting rid on an unsightly tree stump with a stump grinder, it's vitally important to ensure that each tool's cutting blade is sharp. Dull blades often require you to apply more pressure to make your cuts, which can lead to a broken blade that becomes airborne and can injure you. If you're renting landscaping equipment, always check to ensure the tools' blades have been freshly sharpened or are brand new. This simple step can drastically reduce the risk of an injury.

Wear The Right Gear

Wearing the right gear for the job can save you from injury. Even if it's hot outside, it's ideal to wear steel-toed boots, long-sleeved pants and a shirt, gloves and eye protection. If you're using loud machinery, always wear hearing protection. Ensure that your specific safety gear fits the job; for example, if you're planning to climb a tree for some trimming, your shoe or boot soles should provide adequate grip.

Call Before You Dig

If your landscaping project involves digging—perhaps you're building a small pond or you're just eager to dig a deep garden—it's imperative that you ensure there are no sewer or hydro lines running through your yard. Hitting a line with a shovel or pick could lead to a serious injury. Look online to find the number of the department in your city that handles this duty; you can typically search for your city's name and a phrase such as "call before you dig." If there are any lines running through your yard, a technician will arrive and use brightly colored paint to mark the location on your grass. Once you've obtained this information, you can dig freely.

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