If you are going to be moving to a new home, and you have a fruit tree on your old property that you were hoping to bring along with you, you will need to take a few steps to ensure its safety as it is moved from one location to another. Trees are susceptible to shock if they are moved at the wrong time of the year or if procedures are not set in place beforehand to make the transition quick. Here are some steps to take when transplanting a fruit tree.

Know When To Move

Moving a tree when weather is cooler is best for the condition of the tree. Wait until fall has past and the beginning of winter has begun. At this time, the tree is dormant. If you attempt to move a tree after it has started budding, it will be more susceptible to injury. Prepare the tree by giving it plenty of water the weeks before you intend on making the move so it will have hydrated roots. 

Prepare The New Home

Go to your new home to make preparations for the spot the tree is going to be placed. Make sure there are no power lines nearby and that the tree will be planted in an area away from other trees so it does not need to fight for water. Dig a deep hole in the ground and make sure the circumference is larger than the width of the tree stump. Fill the hole with water the day before you plan to move the tree.

Remove The Tree

Have a few friends help you dig your tree from the ground. Dig closely to the tree, while trying to expose roots to be moved along with it. Chop any larger roots with an ax so the tree can be removed from the ground. Carefully drop the tree to the ground and cover the root ball with a piece of saturated burlap. This will help keep the tree hydrated during the move. Immediately transport the tree to your new home.

Plant The Tree

When you arrive at your new home, remove the burlap from the root ball and place the tree in the hole full of water. Replace the soil around the tree and tamp into place. Place mulch around the perimeter of the tree to help trap the moisture in the ground so the tree keeps hydrated as the roots start to grasp into the ground.

If you are concerned about removing the tree yourself for transplanting, contact a tree removal company for assistance.