As a business owner, you should know that mold is a dangerous substance that can cause health problems for your employees and your customers. To keep things safe, you need to take steps to remove mold from inside and outside your business. 

Dangers of Mold

Mold thrives in any sort of damp environment and is not only unsightly but poses real health hazards. Some molds are "toxigenic," which means they may not be toxic by themselves, but they can produce toxins. However, even molds that are non-toxic and do not produce toxins can make you ill. Mold can provoke allergic responses such as nasal congestion, sneezing, and irritated eyes. It can also cause those with asthma to experience an attack. Some studies indicate mold may even be responsible for new cases of the condition. Mold may also cause inflammation of the lungs. In short, you need to get rid of the nasty stuff. 

Indoor Mold

Getting rid of indoor mold requires some serious effort. You can take care of small areas under one square foot by yourself if you take precautions. Put on a pair of gloves, a face mask or inexpensive respirator, and some goggles to be safe. Then use a diluted bleach solution and a scrub brush and go wild. If you have a large area of mold, you probably need to call in an expert. Also, if you suspect hidden mold due to excessive dampness and a musty odor, you should have a professional evaluate your space. 

Outdoor Mold

Mold typically grows on the shady places on your siding and can attack just about any surface, including brick, vinyl, and wood. Outside mold is unattractive and can travel indoors thanks to your ventilation system. You can attempt to clean off your building using a regular hose and a special solution, but that method often leaves behind some of the mold and mildew. A better method is to hire a professional, such as those at Best Choice Pressure Cleaning and Landscaping, to pressure wash your walls. The power of the pressure wash combined with commercial cleaning fluids containing bleach will get rid of the mold and mildew and keep them from coming back. To protect your landscaping, make sure that the technicians are using a chemical cleaner to water ratio of 1:10 or even weaker. As an extra precaution, ask them to gently rinse your plants and shrubs with clear water every few minutes or so to remove any soap/chemical residue. Your business will look better and be healthier as well once the mold problem is eliminated.

Wherever mold grows, it causes problems. Mold is dangerous to your health and makes your business look unappealing. Since mold does create an unhealthy environment, it leaves you open to lawsuits from employees and even customers. To keep your business looking good and financially healthy, you need to get the mold out of your building.