You've put down the grass seed and have decided you want sod. However, it's best to carefully weigh your options so you don't wind up with a finicky grass variety that doesn't want to take. So, how do you know what type of grass will thrive on your lawn?

Level Of Maintenance

When choosing the type of sod you want to coat your yard, you may easily fall for a nice green sample without looking much further. However, if you don't look before you leap you may find yourself watering or mowing your lawn more frequently than you'd like. Kentucky bluegrass is a favorite of many homeowners, but it's also very thirsty and requires frequent mowing.

Some other maintenance factors to pay attention to are whether your selected variety requires thatching, and whether it's susceptible to weeds.

Not All Grass Is Created Equal

The grass variety you choose also needs to be compatible with the area you plan to lay it on. Some varieties do well in shade, and others thrive in full sunlight only. Choosing the wrong variety could lead to the sod taking poorly and ultimately a thinner lawn.

So, what factors do you need to consider?

Drought Tolerance If you live in an area that receives lower amounts of rainfall or is susceptible to droughts know how well your chosen grass variety will do under these conditions. Bermuda, most fescues and zoysia varieties are all very drought tolerant.   

Wear If you plan to have a lot of activity going on around your yard, be sure to find out how well the sod you choose will tolerate wear and tear. Bermuda grass is very wear resistant and springs back easily.

Shade Tolerance Some varieties of grass are more tolerant to the shade than others. It's important to note that any grass will have difficulty taking hold in deep shade. Most shade tolerant varieties such as rye grass and centipede grass do well in dappled shade.

Soil Type There is a grass type for almost any soil type there is. Soil tests can determine what varieties are the best fit for your lawn.

If you carefully consider your options you'll reap the benefits of a well-manicured lawn that's easy to maintain. If you're still unsure the type of grass you should choose for your yard, consult with your local sod supplier. They will be able to direct you toward the best option for your yard's needs.