The world is full of news of droughts these days, which is putting pressure on people who want to keep their backyards looking nice while still being eco-friendly in terms of water use. Here are a few ways that you can have the yard that you want while still being eco-friendly in terms of water use.

New Realistic Artificial Grass

The truth is that most people cultivate lawns not because of their love of plants, but because they want their yards to look nice. However, using water for your yard isn't exactly an eco-friendly approach, especially in times of drought. Fortunately, there are some new artificial grass technologies coming out these days that make having a yard that uses almost no water possible.

This new grass has been upgraded to make it look more realistic and last longer while at the same time not requiring much maintenance. The new tech has grass blades with a "double S" shape. Wider shaped blades allow for additional textures that make the grass look more realistic.

The new technology allows for variable height and weight, as well as a variety of more realistic colors such as brighter and duller greens and even combinations of greens and browns. This is what real grass looks like at different times of the year, especially when it's dry and hot, after all.

Eco-friendly Fountains

Fountains are going to require some water upfront, of course. But if you buy fountains that have a re-circulating feature, you can have them be nearly water-free after that point. These fountains use pumps to take water that's flowing through them and bring that water back up to the top of the fountain again.

This way, very little new water is needed to keep the fountain going. The only water that might be needed eventually is simply to replenish natural evaporation. You can even add a solar panel in order to make the fountain pump run on sunlight instead of drawing from the grid. Additionally, it's possible to make these fountains yourself.

All you need is a 5-gallon bucket, screening material, a pump or hose of some sort, a fountain attachment, aluminum brackets, a pot and a GFCI plug. These fountains can be made even in small gardens of only a few feet. The less that you expose the fountain's surface area to air, the less evaporation there's going to be as well, making for eco-friendly decorations.