If you just purchased your first house, and are in charge of taking care of a yard for the first time, one of the pests you may encounter in your yard is the thistle plant. In most states, these plants are considered noxious weeds. Here are a few things you can do to stop these noxious weeds from taking over your yard:

Pull It Out

One of the most time consuming, but effective, methods of removing thistle from your new yard is to pull it out. However, you need to take care to pull out the entire root system. Thistle has a very thick root that can do down into the ground as much as a foot, although it tends to be around eight to ten inches long for smaller plants.

You may not be able to pull out the entire root. That is why it is a good idea to take a small shovel and loosen up the soil around the thistle before you pull it out. If you are not able to get out the entire root, try to dig it out.

It is important to pull out the entire root, as thistle is one of the few plants that can re-grow even if only part of the root is left. Most of the food that the thistle depends on is stored inside of the rhizomes in the root underground. If you pull the thistle plant out but leave the root in, you'll just have to pull it out again.

Release Some Weevils

If you don't have the time to pull out every thistle in your yard, another way to get rid of it is to introduce a natural predator. One of the few natural predators of the thistle is the weevil.

Weevils are small beetles that get a bad name for destroying crops, such as wheat. However, when it comes to thistles, having weevils around is a good thing. Weevils love to eat the thistle all the way down until they have completely killed the plant.

You can purchase weevils at your local garden store or order a batch of them online. If you live anywhere near farmland, though, you may not want to introduce these beetles into your yard, as they may spread out and cause damage to local crops.

If you have thistle plant in your yard, the best option is to spend some time pulling it out. If you don't have time to pull it out, you can introduce a natural predator, such as weevil, into your yard. If all else fails, you can try to purchase a general weed killer to get rid of the thistle in your yard. For more information about ridding your yard of unwanted plants, contact a company like Outdoor Service Inc.