While some wildlife may be nice to have visit your yard, such as songbirds and butterflies, others can be downright pests due to the damage they can cause. From deer getting into your garden to moles digging holes in your lawn, it's a good idea to look into how to safely get rid of wildlife and prevent them from becoming a problem. The following five landscaping tips can all help divert pesky wildlife and ensure your yard still looks great.

1. Avoid Growing Plants Wildlife Are Drawn To

One of the most common reasons wildlife is drawn to a yard is that they find some of the plants there tasty or pleasantly fragrant. In order to keep wildlife away, consider choosing plants wisely. If you must choose plants that are edible or attractive to wildlife, consider adding some repellents.

2. Create Barriers with Thorny and Rough Shrubs

An easy way to combat wildlife from getting into your yard is through planting some thorny bushes and shrubs. Most pests will be deterred from these obstacles and will avoid your yard. Many thorny shrubs can still look great, allowing you to have a natural repellent that still enhances the look of your yard.

3. Include Audible and Visible Repellents

Some animals will avoid yards altogether due to strange sights or sounds. Some good additions to consider include wind chimes and scarecrows set up strategically throughout your yard.

4. Try Live Traps for Relocating Wildlife

If you keep getting the same animals visiting your yard, such as opossums or deer, consider the use of live traps. Depending on where you live, you may be able to hire a professional that can handle setting up the trap, retrieving it, and relocating the animal elsewhere without any harm.

5. Get a Tall, Sturdy Fence Installed

The most effective way to keep wildlife out of your yard is through the use of a tall fence. In order for the fence to deter all kinds of wildlife, make sure you choose a sturdy material and avoid anything that's easily climbable.

In order for your yard to look its best without the intrusion of pesky wildlife, consider making some changes. The above ideas can all help add some security against wildlife in your yard without being potentially dangerous. By tackling a few of these projects on your own, you'll be able to continue enjoying your yard without wildlife becoming a problem. Contact a landscaping service for more tips and information.