Hydroseeding is the process of providing a mixture of lawn seed, fertilizer, mulch and additives when planting a new lawn. So why should you do it instead of planting a lawn from seed alone? Here are some benefits to help you understand why hydroseeding is so effective.

The Lawn Grows Faster

One of the main benefits to hydroseeding your lawn is the fact that the lawn will grow faster. If you don't want to wait months to have beautiful grass in your backyard, you can expect quicker results with hydroseeding. Since you are adding a unique combination of fertilizer and additives to the grass seed, it helps the lawn grow faster. The contact of grass seed with water during hydroseeding can also help to trigger the germination cycle, which also speeds up the growth. 

You Have a Greener, Healthier Lawn

Your lawn will also be much greener and healthier overall if you choose to use a hydroseeding method. You will notice that when you plant your lawn in this manner, the grass that grows is much greener and has the look of professional lawns you see in front of commercial buildings. The grass seems thicker and stronger as well, and not so spaced together like some home lawns can get. If you have ever used a dry seeding method on your  lawn, you will immediately notice the difference when you switch to hydroseeding.

It Can be Done With Any Type of Soil

You also don't have to worry about the type of soil that is in your backyard, since hydroseeding can be done with any type of soil. When you choose the different ingredients for your hydroseeding, you will be able to customize them according to what soil you have. So whether you live in a hot, dry climate, mild climate, or a climate that tends to have weak and brittle grass, you don't need to worry about it. You can choose the seed, fertilizer, water and additive combo that works best for your soil. Companies like 5 Star Lawnscaping can help you choose the best combination for your yard.

You Have Better Protection From the Elements

The last benefit to hydroseeding is the fact that you can help protect your lawn from the elements. With this method, you are able to protect your soil and retain moisture, which helps provide natural protection against high winds, pests, intense sun, or frequent rain. You will be adding mulch, soil conditioners, seed, and other components that can bind the ingredients together and protect the soil underneath.