If you are considering getting grass, then having a sprinkler system installed should be a no brainer for you. This article will discuss 3 reasons why having a sprinkler system is amazing. 

Your Grass Won't Die

When you are left in charge of watering your own grass, this can be a scary thing. You may not know how much water your grass needs, how often it needs to be water, and when is the best time to water it. Thankfully, the landscaper who installs your sprinkler system for you will also program it for you. They will make sure that the sprinklers will go off at the appropriate time each day to get your yard all of the water that it needs. With the sprinkler system, your yard will be much less likely to die, so you won't have to worry about the added cost of re-seeding or laying new sod down. 

You Won't Have To Move A Hose Around

Moving a hose all around your yard every half hour or so can be incredibly tedious and time consuming. You have to be home long enough to move the hose around the entire area of your lawn, and you have to make sure that each area gets the correct amount of water. When you add human error into this equation, the likelihood that you get the correct amount of water to your entire yard is very small. A sprinkler system is excellent because the lawn sprinklers will water your entire yard evenly, without you even having to lift a finger or remember anything. 

Your Sprinklers Will Water Your Yard Only As Much As It Needs

When you are watering your yard with a hose and a single sprinkler, it can be easy to forget to move the hose or turn it off. This then overwaters some areas of your grass, and can even kill it, if is young grass. You may also rack up your water bill by doing this often because you are using more water than you need. A sprinkler system is great for saving you money in the long run, because you can set them at a designated time to water, and they will only give your lawn as much water as it needs. You can also have the sprinklers water your yard less, or turn them off all together, if you have experienced a lot of rain. 

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