Landscaping is a large investment of time and money for any homeowner.  One of the best ways to keep that investment thriving in any weather condition is with an automatic sprinkler system from companies like Irrigation Tech. With a little forethought and planning, these systems can be a way to save water while keeping your lawn and garden looking lush and vibrant all season long.  


A programmable timer is used to control automatic sprinkler systems.  These timers can be set to water at specific times of the day and on certain days of the week.  Most timers include a rain setting, which allows the program to be interrupted on days when rain prevents the system from being needed.  Timers allow certain stations of the sprinkler system to operate for any given amount of time, and permit the programming of different running times for each station.  For example, if your lawn only needs water every other day, but your newly planted flowers require daily watering, you can set your system to accommodate this request.  Some advanced timers have "smart" features included, which can be customized for local areas, and for the individualized needs of the plants.  Automatic sprinkler systems that are run on timers are a guaranteed way to save water, and saving water amounts to saving money!   

Drip Irrigation Systems

Incorporating drip irrigation into an automatic sprinkler system will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of any system.  Most sprinkler systems are anywhere from 50-70 percent efficient, but drip irrigation can surpass 90 percent.   Drip systems use a series of small flexible tubes to create a pattern that focuses on watering at the root of the plant.  The tubing is punctured to create holes that allow water to "drip" in concentrated areas.  This keeps the moisture from evaporating, and allows the water to soak the roots.  The water is applied slowly and is not affected by wind.  Drip systems are perfect for gardens, flowerbeds, and flowerpots.  By watering the base of the plant, they can prevent leaves from looking burned and brown.  Drip systems my need to be reevaluated each year, and adjusted, depending on new plants and the growth of existing plants and shrubs.  


To ensure that your system is running properly, it is important to winterize your system in the fall.  Water left in the lines could freeze and cause pipes to burst.  Testing all stations in the spring will allow for maximum efficiency and keep your lawn looking beautiful all season long.